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Mulch-No-More sells a recycled rubber product that can give you beautiful landscaping year after year with minimal upkeep. This product will save you time, money and labor by eliminating yearly mulching.

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The product has the following attributes:

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Product Safety Information and Testing Results:



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Mulch-No-More's product is excellent as a base for school, park or backyard playgrounds.

Attributes for playgrounds:

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Create logos for your school or business.

Using different colors you can create a unique logo for your school or business:

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Standard nuggets are brown, red and black and sell for $0.32/lb:

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Premium nuggets in other colors can be obtained on special order (call for colors and price):


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Mulch Cost Calculator

To calculate your cost, use the formulas below:

(L x W)/4 x 30 =  lbs. of Mulch

where: L = length (ft.)

W = width (ft.)

Cost =( lbs. of Mulch)  x ( price  from above )

Tax (if applicable ) = Cost x 0.07

Total cost = Cost + Tax

Rubber Timbers are available in Black, Red, Green, Brown:

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                                                            4"x4"x 6'   (call for pricing)

Swing Mats for Swing Sets:

Black - 3/4" x 3' x 4'  - $48 ea. (solid)


Contact us at

Mulch_No_More @fuse.net